untamed elegance

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Dense, full-bodied, purplish-red, impulsive and appealing, like a mulberry on the bush, ripening slowly as the days pass by. Caresses the palate, shifting from sweet to bitter. The perfect accompaniment to confident, strong flavours; dry and fruity, with an untamed finish that leaves a lasting impression. Simple in appearance only, this traditional wine is an authentic emblem of the wine-growing culture of the hills of Friuli.
in the vineyard

Soil: Flysch, interbedded clayey-textured marl and sandstone
Planting pattern: Small parcels surrounded by woodland
Vineyard location: Hillslope terraces
Training system: Double spur
Average density: 5.000 vines per hectare
Average yield: 1.5 kg per vine
Elevation: 175-300 metres above sea level
Harvest method: Bunch selection and manual harvest using small cases
Average age of vineyards: 20 years
Vineyard exposure: South-east, south, south-west
Vineyard treatments: Ground cover treatments: copper and mined sulphur
Soil working: Spontaneous ground cover

in the wine cellar

Vintage 2021

Winemaking: Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts, maceration in stainless steel fermentation tanks, malolactic fermentation in cement
Maturation: 12 months
Number of bottles produced: c. 3.000
Alcohol content: 14% Vol
Reducing sugar: <1 g/l
Total acidity: 4,8 g/l

in the glass

Sensory profile: Dry red wine, fruit-driven, woodland aromas, savoury headily alcoholic palate
Recommended matchings: Pasta or rice with meat-based sauces, roast meats, stewed vegetables
Serving temperature: 16-18°C