Who we are

The Cianis are unfailingly committed to making wine while respecting the environment in which the family lives and works. Dialogue and exchange with new cultures are matters of course.

This well-integrated team with distinct, complementary characteristics makes Aquila del Torre an estate with a family feel yet perfectly at ease with the mechanisms of the evolving world market.


An agronomist by training, a biodynamic winemaker by choice, Michele is at the head of the company together with his father Claudio. He is the one who will talk to you about Aquila del Torre, he is the one you will often meet travelling around Europe and taking care of his clients at wine tastings and events. Just like his wines, he is spontaneously ebullient and continuously evolving, busy defining an ever more precise identity for Aquila del Torre, the faithful mirror of the territory and of its extraordinary biodiversity. #multitasking


With her smile, Sarah, makes visitors of Aquila del Torre feel at home. She is also responsible for the accounting of the farm and she makes order of the documents of customers and suppliers. She accurately prepares documents for shippings, so At wines can reach many destinations in Italy and around the world leaving from the cellar in Savorgnano del Torre. #positive

The team in the vineyard

Teamwork is part of our philosophy. It is the result of empathy between people who have been working together for years. Our group of employees takes care of the ordinary works and maintenance of the vineyards during the development of the seasons. Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success. #team

The Farm Team

Teamwork is at the core of our philosophy. Teamwork is the blending of people who have worked together for years with full knowledge and life lived in the territory. Our group of experts in the countryside is in charge of the daily work and maintenance of the vineyard throughout the year. They also are at the heart of the harvesting team in the fall. Getting together is a start, doing something together getting to know one another is progress. Working together is success. #team

Soil Fertility
We believe we are the caretakers of the biodiversity that is present on our farm and we work the soil with respect and attention to preserve the natural inclination of the land.

The Vineyard First
This is the idea that has brought Aquila del Torre to practice organic farming and then to approach Biodynamics. We manually harvest all the grapes so that selection can be carried out with extreme care in the vineyard.

Organics and Biodynamics

Our first certified organic harvest dates back to 2013. With its incredible biodiversity, this is exactly what the territory was demanding. Since 2015, we have followed the principles of biodynamic agriculture, distributing the main preparations during the year, using green manure and allowing the land to grow spontaneous grasses to increase soil fertility.

In the vineyard

The painstaking care and attention coupled with a pruning team with many years of experience ensure a constant quality in the cultivation of plants resulting in a fruit that perfectly expresses its territorial features and is ready to be transformed into wine.
We use animal traction to work the soil as this enables us to not over-compact the earth and to operate in small spaces and on vineyards that grow on slopes.

In the cellar

“Making wine whilst respecting the grapes and the land”.
Uttermost care continues in the cellar with a respectful transformation phase in order to enhance the soil and climate characteristics of each vineyard.
The modern and well-equipped multi-story cellar hosts all phases of wine production, from the sorting table to the pressing area. A room reserved to the natural drying of the grapes is located in the most moistureless and ventilated area of the cellar.

White wines

White grapes undergo a simple and careful winemaking process that respects the origin of the fruit, using the fermentation of indigenous yeasts and the aging on the lees (sur lies).

Red grapes

Red wines are the result of a gentle maceration of the skins and are then produced thanks to spontaneous fermentation and accurate aging in the cellar to enhance the wine’s finesse, elegance and longevity components.