Le selezioni

Our Selection wines come from our best grapes. They are accurately chosen manually from the eldest vineyards, sited in the most devoted lands on our steep terraced Flysch hills. They are vinified and patiently aged in french oak barrels, afterward they all rest quietly in the bottle for a period of at least twelve months.

I Cru

The Cru wines derive from mainly vineyard-based experiments to identify plots where specific varieties perform at their very best. The underlying concept is the Cru, to use the French term, in the sense of a parcel of land with distinctive terrain, site climate and vine varieties whose characteristics come from a mix of natural and environmental factors, together with the agronomic decisions and planting patterns adopted by the grower. At Aquila del Torre, we have identified two special parcels, each with its own soil types and climate: the Vit dai Maz, for the Sauvignon blanc and the Ronc di Miez, for the Friulano. The parcels have Friulian names linked to the area’s history and memorable events of the past. These parcels are harvested separately and their fruit vinified apart from the rest of our production. Ageing is in small French oak barrels and maturation continues in bottle for a further year or so.