Oasi Picolit

Oasi Picolit is the project launched by Aquila del Torre to promote the territory of Savorgnano del Torre through the supreme wine of the Friulian tradition: Picolit.

The name “Oasi” (Oasis) was inspired by the stunning beauty of the nature reserve where Aquila del Torre is situated, a haven just a few kilometres from Udine. The vine dresser's art thrives here in perfect harmony with the surrounding woods. Aquila del Torre's estate embraces a large area of woodland that frames the vineyard holding. The word “Oasi” has long been associated with Picolit. This ravishingly beautiful countryside has always yielded the region's signature sweet wine with excellent results. Oasi Picolit is the ideal place to appreciate the optimal climatic conditions and territory for this vine.

In the beginning, the project involved the Municipality of Povoletto, of which Savorgnano is a district, and the University of Udine. Subsequently, Oasi Picolit also became the launchpad for a series of Ciani family initiatives to promote the provenance of Aquila del Torre Picolit.

In order to understand the full import of the Oasi Picolit concept, it is important to gain first-hand knowledge, pay a visit to the estate and admire the two natural amphitheatres where the terraced rows draw deep green lines across the hillside. Hoopoes, jays and green woodpeckers flit through the trees and hares gambol in the fields, or flee at approaching wild boar or roe deer. Rediscover a still pristine corner of Friuli and its magnificent icon, Picolit.

Oasi Picolit also means hospitality in the rooms of the Aquila del Torre B&B and guided tours of the winery.