Spontaneous herbs and flowers

The “Vineyard Flora” research project by the department of biology applied to plant defence at the University of Udine yielded the following data:

“From studies of flora carried out monthly in 2006 on the entire area of the Aquila del Torre estate, 237 flower species were identified, a distinctly high number for an anthropic system such as a vineyard, which on average contains 25. The reasons for this thriving agronomic and natural context are to be sought in the site's favourable position and physical geography, the climatic conditions and the presence of neighbouring paranatural environments. These factors, together with shrewd, respectful territory management by the winery's owners, have safeguarded a remarkable species, ecological and biogeographical biodiversity”.

Moreover, examples of Pseudostellaria europaea, European False Stitchwort, were found in the estate woodland study area. This flower is classified as a vulnerable species and as such a plant to be safeguarded which has been included on the Italy's national red list. This stitchwort continues to grow in fewer and fewer areas of Friuli where anthropic presence still has little impact, such as the hills where Aquila del Torre is located (Proposal to safeguard a stand of Pseudostellaria europaea at Pecol di semine, Savorgnana del Torre – D. Costa).

Aquila del Torre's efforts to promote the territory of Savorgnano del Torre, which began with the Oasi Picolit project, is taking shape in the creation of a biotope to safeguard this species in the areas under study.