Aquila del Torre tasting in NYC!

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The word is out

Here it is September. We know that because the sun is setting earlier and earlier in a dismaying race to stygian darkness. [For the record, we hate stygian darkness.]

And we know it because wine customers have begun ordering again, with a merry vengeance. Not a moment too soon, and bless 'em all.

Finally, we know it's September because Domenico Selections is holding its trade tasting in two and a half weeks. It will happen at one of the hippest and happenin'est places in town, Anfora wine bar. This is exciting for us not only because it's a great venue, it's a sign that Domenico Selections has reached a certain stage of development that we can harness the resources and market interest to do this. We applaud ourselves.

Three of our producers will be on hand to add some badly needed Italian charm and deep wine knowledge to the event. We've mentioned these people a number of times, with pride and joy: Chiara Martinotti of Cascina Gilli (Piemonte), Francesca Ciani of Aquila del Torre (Friuli) and Luca Fedrigo of L'Arco (Veneto). Northern pride.

But look here -- here's the 411 on the degustazione, if people still say "the 411":

Anfora tasting PC front

Ladies and gents, you will notice that our name is Domenico Selections, not some bootleg near miss that happens to have "DS" in the name and one or more elements of our name.

And, yes, there's more:

Anfora tasting PC verso

It's time for a plug. Our PR counsel, First Press Public Relations, of faraway romantic East 46th Street, have been champs and pros. We cherish them. 

Till the next invoice comes.